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Create increased value with your business and property!


SCS specializes in providing digital media and technical integration services to commercial business and property owners, including:

                •Year-round Hotels and Motels
                •Seasonal Hotels and Motels
                •Multi-Dwelling Units (MDUs)
                •Assisted Living Facilities
                •Retirement Communities
                •Public/Government Buildings


                •High quality HD experience for quests and tenants
                •Provide tenants with choice of providers for video, voice and Internet
                •Drive on-premise revenues with quality in-room, “residential” experience
                •Affordable and reliable designs

SCS provides complete turn-key solutions designed for each unique customer environment to create a quality media experience for the end-user. Our range of products and services include:

                •Satellite HDTV
                •Digital Signage
                •Experiential Design
                •Wireless (Wifi/4G/other) solutions-Indoor/Outdoor
                •Broadband/Voice Services
                •Structured Cabling-RF/IP
                •Maintenance and Repair


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